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JCCSems is a user-friendly suite of web-based tools designed to enhance safety & environmental management systems. JCCSems modules increase safety, efficiency and improve communication. They support risk reduction and help prevent injuries, environmental mishaps, and property damage.

Traditional SEMS can be cumbersome, paperwork-intensive and slow to change. JCCSems consists of easy-to-use modules, each having an input segment and a management segment. The system automatically generates an audit trail and reports.

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Marine Contractor Risk Assessments

A risk assessment of U.S. Coast Guard certified vessels and licensed mariners.
  • Inspection History
  • Casualty History
  • Spill History
  • USCG Control Actions
  • Credential Currency
  • Approved Tonnage
  • Approved Route
  • Medical Waivers

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Contractor Performance Evaluations™ (CPE)

SEMS compliance requires a joint effort between operators and contractors. Ensure your contractor's compliance and training capabilities and fulfill SEMS requirements with JCC Contractor Performance Evaluations.
  • Change requests are communicated in real time
  • HSE Management
  • Training
  • Environmental, Regulatory, and SEMS Compliance
  • Skills & Knowledge Management Systems

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Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Automates Job Safety Analysis preparation and recordkeeping
  • Verifies participation in a systematic JSA program
  • Tracks tasks performed on location
  • Reinforces active participation in task hazard determination
  • Creates archived data trail for audit purposes
  • Increases hazard awareness at the job site
  • Provides analytical management reports at the touch of a button

Personnel on Board (POB)

  • POB makes offshore personnel tracking far more accurate and accessible
  • Incident man-hour tracking is more precise
  • Financial accounting records are more exact
  • Facility visitation records are more accurate
  • Compliance with Subpart S is more manageable
  • Automatically maintains an audit trail

Management of Change (MOC)

  • Change requests are communicated in real time
  • Auditable trail of change procedures complies with Subpart S requirements, documented and dated
  • Organized method of contacting a support team for group input and feedback on changes
  • Responses from all affected team members are tracked
  • Project status is readily available
HSE Contractor Services

HSE Contractor Services

  • Audits
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Documentation and recordkeeping for SEMS
  • Emergency Response & Control
  • Incident tracking and investigations
  • Inspections – production facility inspections
  • JSA forms tailored to your needs
  • Mechanical Integrity of critical equipment issues
  • Project management – from a SEMS perspective
  • Risk assessments, hazards analysis
  • SEMS technical writting

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