A risk assessment of U.S. Coast Guard certified vessels and licensed mariners

This unique assessment will help you select the safest companies, vessels and mariners for your offshore activities.

For the vessel

  • Inspection History
  • Casualty History
  • Spill History
  • USCG Control Actions
  • Outstanding Issues
  • Past Litigations
  • USCG Risk Factors

For the mariner

  • Credential Currency
  • Approved Tonnage
  • Approved Route
  • Medical Waivers
  • Administrative Law Judge Proceedings Against The Mariner's License
  • Letters of Warning For Specific Marine Casualties

Classes of vessles & mariners

Types of Vessels
  • Crewboats
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Lift Boats
  • Modus
Types of Mariners
  • Masters
  • Mates
  • Engineers

Gain a Coast Guard perspective of the Marine Contractors in your fleet of responsibility while working on your leases.

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